No Dirty Water
No Dirty Water
No Dirty Water
0.2 Micron Water Filter (10 x 2.5 inch) (2-Pack)

0.2 Micron Water Filter (10 x 2.5 inch) (2-Pack)

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The NDW 0.2 Micron Filter uses a proprietary, patented electro adsorptive media technology.  It is capable of removing submicron pathogens and inorganic contaminants through electroadhesion and ion exchange.

The technology makes it possible for non-woven media to produce filtration efficiency comparable to ultra membrane filtration (0.2 microns).  This level of filtration is achieved with very low-pressure drop, high flow rates and high load capacity, working equally well in fresh, brackish or salt waters.

The NDW filter media consists of coated micro-glass fibers produced using a wet-laid, non-woven manufacturing technology. The base media is laminated between layers of spun-bond to provide both strength and pleat support.

NSF/ANSI 42/61 Certified



  • >99.99% Viruses (polio, rotovirus, norovirus, etc.)
  • >99.99% Bacteria (E. coli, legionella, pseudomonas, etc.)
  • >99.95% Cysts (giardia, cryptosporidium, etc.)

Heavy Metals

  • >95% Lead
  • >80% Ferrous Iron
  • >95% Arsenic V
  • >95% Cadmium
  • >85% Chromium
  • >75% Selenium
  • >60% Mercury 

Organic/Inorganic Chemicals

  • Chlorine (carbon version)
  • Bromine (carbon version)
  • Iodine (carbon version)
  • VOCs
  • PCBs & BPA
  • Residual pharmaceuticals

3rd Party Tested. MADE IN THE USA.


No Dirty Water